Autism Revisited

I ran this post last year and as I was rereading it, I realized how much of it is still true.  So I’m going to recycle this post regarding Autism Awareness.AUTISM-AWARENESS-HEART

It’s April and that brings with it Autism Awareness Month.  So many people are either afraid of the word autism, or are blessed to have it.  Yes, I said blessed.  I don’t see autism as a disability.  As many of you know, if you have followed this blog at all, that my son is autistic and what a blessing he has been in our lives.

His sisters are more compassionate people because of their brother.  I have learned to see the world so differently in trying to view it through his eyes.  Autism is not a disability.  It is a difference in someone, a difference that you can learn from.  I will be the first to admit the first years in dealing with autism were not easy by any stretch. There were many sleepless nights, many tears (both on my part and my son’s) and a long grieving period.

But what I have learned is my son is autistic, which is just another word for unique in our household.  He likes to be by himself and well that okay because so do I.  He has a tough time with changes in routine, but there is nothing wrong with that because routine keeps order in our lives.  He has a very difficult time with transitions, but as he approaches adulthood, he keeps pushing through those difficult time and handles them with more dignity and maturity each time he has to deal with a transition.

I couldn’t be more proud of the man he has become.  I am truly blessed to have autism in our lives and I urge anyone that doesn’t have a true understanding of it to reach out to a parent of an autistic child and ask questions.  We love to educate people about it.


As I was going through how I wanted to touch on Autism this month, I realized it’s not about Autism per se, but about all the parents out there who are touched by a child that maybe struggling whether it be with Autism or another disability. I have been remiss in posting regularly on this blog and I want to change that. I recently realized that it doesn’t matter how old our children are, we worry about them and difficulties they maybe having.  This blog was started in hope of helping other moms (or dads) realize they are not along in this journey of life.

Reach out to me if you have a story you would like to share of how struggles in your family have brought you joy in some way, whether it be through contacts you have met because of the struggles, how you have been blessed in some form because of it, or just because you want to share.  I am a huge believer that each story we tell will touch someone else and bring them comfort.

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