Is it really almost Christmas?

As I sit here this morning, having a little down time finally, it dawns on me that Christmas is just a mere 5 days away.  How did that happen? Christmas in my household is very different now than it used to be when the kids were little.

Having an autistic son, decorating when the kids were younger was always a challenge.  My son did not do well with change and so I would keep the decorations to the living room and the rest of the house undecorated.  It worked for us.  My son had one room that was “Christmas” and the rest of the house to go and find a quiet spot to regroup when he was overloaded.  And let’s face it — near the holidays a child with sensory needs goes into overload almost constantly.

I almost miss those days!  But now my kids are adults and have their own ideas of what they need to do for the holidays.  This year I started working retail and my hours have been all over the place so the house remains undecorated for the most part.  My middle daughter had put up some of the decorations and put up the tree, which remains in the corner undecorated.

The positive note is the presents are bought and wrapped and probably will go under an undecorated tree this year.  Ironically I don’t even mind that Christmas has snuck up on me.  I haven’t had time to think about all the changes that have happened in my life and ones that will be happening this year — big changes coming.  Instead I look forward to just spending a quiet Christmas morning with my three children and my new son-in-law opening presents and having breakfast before they all scattered to other places they need to be.

What are your plans for Christmas?  Are you with family or alone? A mixture of being with my family and then alone in the afternoon is okay with me. I plan on writing this Christmas in the quiet of the aftermath of the hectic morning.  Happy Holidays to all of you and may you find peace this season.

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