Not the Way to Start the Day

Mornings are my time alone, coffee in hand, catching up on facebook, blogs….in essence my quiet time.  Halfway through my cup of coffee this morning, my son is getting ready for school.  Now he has never been a fan of school and sadly, prides himself on the fact that he has not opened a book for most of his high school career. (He’s a senior.)

He has had a permission slip for me to sign for weeks now, yet he sports the attitude of just not caring.  This is for a class he is taking — because he couldn’t take another study hall — that would give him permission to get credit for it as an independent study as he already took the class once.  A simple thing really.  Get mom to sign the permission slip.  His attitude:  I don’t really  need the class to graduate.  Sighs of frustration all around as I try once again to pick my battles.  In talking with my son, I feel my blood pressure rising, as he does also as a standard comment from him is “relax, you’re getting red again”.

So I once again ask for the permission slip and receive it.  SHOCK!  As I sign, I notice he is supposed to have the guidance counselor and principal signatures also.  Today is the last day of the term. Pushing me over the edge with a “relax, mom”, I told him not to come home until everyone had signed it.

As he leaves for his one final today, I sit there with my now cold coffee, a slight headache, and wonder if both of us are going to make it to graduation in June.

Do you have these moments with your teenagers? Do you have those days where you just want to strangle them and ask them “why can’t you see I push you so you can achieve the most you can possibly achieve”?

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