Welcome to Talking Life With Moms. My goal with this blog is to provide some insight into my own chaotic and stressful life and tips on how I have handled things. There is no one size fit all for any situation. However, I think as moms we can gain a lot of insight from each other and just give encouragement to each other in our every day struggles.

A little bit about me and why I started this blog.  I am a single mom of three. My kids are not just about grown, but over the years there have been numerous struggles in which I just wished at times I had had other moms supporting me and encouraging me to get through the difficulty.  I have two daughters and a son.  My youngest, my son, was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder-NOS (high functioning autism).  Well, when he was a year old I didn’t consider him high functioning. Instead I was facing a child, who was only 18 months younger than my middle child, who was completely nonverbal and violent because of his frustration in not being able to communicate with his family.

He cried every waking moment because of sensory issues and it was a constant battle in trying to figure out how to cope with this. At the time I was married, but we divorced when my son was about three years old. Then I was suddenly a single mom of three and struggling to just figure out how to get through a day, never mind a month or a year. Some days it was a struggle to get through minute to minute.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Maybe not the autism, but the stress of parenting possibly alone and having no where to turn?  Maybe you are married and yet your spouse isn’t as hands on as you need them to be. Maybe you are a single mom, struggle to make ends meet and just feel completely alone in that struggle.  If you in any way feel you connect with this blog, you are in the right place. This blog will be a journey through my experiences with a special needs child, his issues and issues that became his sisters in dealing with a sibling with special needs. It will be a journey through how I made it through the stress, raised my three children to be young adults (they are now 23, 19 and 17) with the hope that any tidbit I may have found helpful in my journey, you will find helpful in yours.

Feel free to leave comments, questions or any vent you feel you need to. I will do my best to walk with you through the journey of life and any struggles you maybe experiencing.

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